Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Department     Station 7
Connellsville Township VFD

905 Fireman Street
Connellsville, PA 15425

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DIAL  911
In October 1940, CTVFD received their Charter from the Commonwealth and had it recorded at the courthouse
in Uniontown.  In December 1940 the first annual election of officers was held and the business of the
department moved along. A used Packard Sedan was purchased from Frank Gallo and used as a squad truck.  
The original Studabaker became unreliable, and discussions began with representatives of American LaFrance
to purchase a replacement.  In May 1941 the department looked into purchasing a 1923 American LaFrance
LaFrance by the Ligonier Volunteer Fire Department.  The pumper was a right hand drive (the driver sat on
the right side of the truck), had a 750 gpm Rotary
gear pump made of solid brass, a 300 gallon tank, a chain drive and solid rubbertires on the rear wheels.  The
pumper was purchased by CTVFD for $900.00.  

In June 1941 the members decided to purchase property in Connellsville Township to build a permanent home
for CTFVD.   Three lots on Rodgers Avenue in the Hillcrest section of Connellsville Township were purchased.  
Although they had the property, it would be several years before any further action was taken to build a new
station.  The City of Connellsville granted the department a permit and a garage was built at the Sligo Office to
house the fire truck and squad.  In September of this year the members of Connellsville Township Volunteer
Fire Department fought its
first major fire by assisting the City of Connellsville Fire Department at Dulls Warehouse on McCormick

Throughout the war years progress for the department was very slow.  In April 1946 Mrs. DeMire contacted the
fire department and offered to trade four lots of property she owned for the property owned by the fire
department.  Mrs. DeMire planned to open a night club and wanted to be facing Rodgers Avenue and not on a
side street.  After debate and consideration the trade was agreed to and Mrs. DeMire was given
the lots on Rodgers Avenue (the present day Sons of Italy) and the fire department received the property on
the west side of what was then known as North 12th Street.  North 12th Street was later renamed to Fireman's
Street.  Work on the new station, however, would not begin until February 1953.

Over the years, the 1923 American LaFrance became worn out and the department was looking into replacing
it.  In September 1947 the department purchased a Dodge chassis and cab with a power take off for $2000.00.  
Once delivered, the 1923 LaFrance was taken out of service and the new LaFance was fitted with a the pump
and redesigned hose bed.  The new truck was painted white and lettered.    The color white has been the
standard for all department vehicles from that timeforward.  However, there are records which show that the
actual approved vehicle color is supposed to be Robin Egg Blue.  It has never been discovered who or why
this color change was made.    

Throughout the ensuing years growth continued for the Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Department.  
Additional apparatus was purchased, the new station was completed, membership grew and the department
prospered.  In January 1956 the Fayette County Firemen's Association began a program to outfit the fire
departments throughout Fayette County with two-way radios and a Control Center.  The department purchased
a base radio and three mobile radios in late 1956.  It was not until March of 1957, however, until the equipment
went on the air along with the other companies in Fayette County.

The members of Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Department continued their efforts to grow and become
a better department.  The foundations laid by these predecessors are the foundations which we follow still
today.  The foundation of commitment to the people of the communities we serve... The foundation of
protecting life and property... The foundation of service to others before ourselves.

Prepared with excerpts from history written by Fred R. Gustafson